delivers five-star experiences fast with the Appcelerator Platform.

“The analytics have allowed us to focus on making our products better – better features and being more innovative.”

About is one of the largest providers of technology and marketing services in the home purchase and rental space. Helping to connect real estate brokerages and professionals with homebuyers and sellers, is the technology partner of many familiar brands including RE/MAX, ERA and others.’s Mobile Story

40% Faster time to market
52% Lower delivery costs
491% ROI from the Appcelerator Platform

“People don’t download your app if you have 2 star ratings. Since implementing the Appcelerator Platform, we’ve hopped up in the ratings and have been a featured app within the top 15 in the lifestyle category.”

The Need’s history as a trusted partner to the real estate industry traces back to the print publication Homes and Land Magazine. As technology evolved, the website was launched, and today Homes is reimagining realty as a mobile-first company. “If we’re going to develop a new feature, we’re going to brainstorm the mobile experience first. Then we’ll take that and finalize it, and if that translates to the desktop, we’ll take it there,” explains Dan Gaertner Vice President of Technology.

To remain a leader in this transforming industry, Homes wanted the ability to innovate quickly and deploy fast. “We had so many different priorities in mobile for ERA, RE/MAX, and that it was becoming a challenge to develop in both Android and iOS natively, so we needed a platform that gave us more flexibility to get more done.”

Because real estate apps are data intensive, a high-performance platform was also a must. “Everything we do is heavy map search. You are pulling in a lot of data – it can’t be slow.”

The Results

“We have been able to do more with less. There is no doubt that Appcelerator saved time and money.” selected the Appcelerator Platform for the lifecycle automation that allowed them to build and test apps faster with fewer resources. “The cross-platform nature of Appcelerator enables us to meet deadlines that would be impossible if we designed for each platform separately,” Dan said. “As we used Appcelerator, it allowed us to create more apps in a timely manner – it cut down on our QA time and it cut down on our product delivery time.”

The Platform’s analytics fed the entire process by showing Homes how to make features better and where they could create new innovations for their customers. As for the app performance, Dan expressed “Performance was critical and Appcelerator provided that for us. Our apps are now some of the fastest in the market.”

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