We love our customers

And they’ve shown us plenty of love in return

“We’ve adopted mobility as a key enabler to providing productivity enhancing technologies to our nationwide network of contractors and inspectors, in addition to delivering superior quality to our clients. As an innovator in mobility, we’re actively implementing the Appcelerator Platform to further optimize the quality of our apps, reduce development cycle time, and accelerate adoption.”
George Mehok,
Chief Information Officer
“Product innovation has always been a competitive differentiator for us. The Appcelerator Platform will arm us with the visibility and agility to build, deliver and manage business critical mobile apps that improve communication for investigators and sponsors during clinical trials.”
Rusty Bealer,
Executive Director of Product Innovation
“Avis Budget Group prides itself on delivering superior experiences, and mobile is a critical touch-point to delight and add value to our customers. The Appcelerator Platform underpins the delivery of our mobile app experiences, connected to any data source, on all devices relevant to our customers – with analytics to prove success.”
Neal Sunners,
Group IT Director, Avis Budget Group EMEA
“Merlin has 72 attractions in 17 countries around the world including LEGOLAND and Madame Tussauds, all of which are considering mobile as a channel. Our ability to compete in this space and scale to Merlin’s requirements is enabled by our adoption of Appcelerator.”
Ross Tuffee,
Co-founder of Mobile (Creator of Legoland App)
“We selected Appcelerator because it allowed us to quickly and cost effectively build native apps for multiple devices and platforms in a language that all our developers are familiar with. Each of our developers evaluated other products, but nothing came close – it was a unanimous decision.”
Gabriel Weiss,
Head of Interactive Marketing Technologies
“To achieve the highest quality mobile application, Safeguard forged a relationship with Appcelerator, the company that provides the platform on which all of Safeguard’s mobile programs are developed.”
George Mehok,
Chief Information Officer
“Since Appcelerator allows for rapid development, we found shorter sprints worked best. This allowed us to surface new features quickly and iterate based on customer feedback.”
Ben Bahrenburg,
Technology Director
“We wanted to have only one code base to maintain across iPhone and Android. With Appcelerator, we can update and improve our mobile apps easily with a single team.”
Goss Nuzzo-Jones,
Mobile Development Lead
“Just looking at the meViewTM AR product visualization app, we have 500 plus sales people actively engaged. If each one of those contractors sells one more system a month – and they are – we’re projecting a multi-million dollar increase in sales, roughly $30 million this year, with just one enterprise app.”
Gabriel Weiss,
Head of Interactive Marketing Technologies
“Ensuring a strong user experience was key for us, and using Appcelerator we were able to build this compelling app. Using the ACS mobile cloud also allowed us to preserve the client-side focus, without having to spend any time building out the backend.”
Danny Pham,
Mobile Developer
“We evaluated several mobile development platforms and quickly identified Appcelerator as the best solution for our needs. With Appcelerator, we were able to get our apps to market quickly and easily train new developers on the platform as we grow.”
Ross Tuffee,
“About 70-80% of our code can be reused across apps. That saves us a lot of time and a lot of skill. It’s very hard to find different native skills and combine them in one team, but it is comparatively easy to educate people in JavaScript.”
Marijn Deurloo,
“JavaScript was very native for us, so it was an easy step to get started with Appcelerator. In addition Appcelerator would let us build a core platform that was common across the apps that we wanted to create. That was important.”
Wilbert Smits,
“We considered an HTML 5 solution, but preferred Appcelerator for the ability to handle a large library of embedded high-resolution product photos, its synchronous SQLite database API, and degree of integrated support for localization.”
Brad Weber,
President and CEO
“Building mobile apps utilizing Appcelerator’s multi-platform tool lets Rampart offer its clients lessened cost, faster speed to market, and unmatched depth and functionality.”
Rick Hulse,
Vice President of Business Development
“JavaScript was very native for us, so it was an easy step to get started with Appcelerator. In addition Appcelerator would let us build a core platform that was common across the apps that we wanted to create. That was important.”
Joseph Zibara,
“We investigated several other MBaaS solutions, but Appcelerator’s ACS not only offered the most comprehensive set of services, but their support and responsiveness was superb.”
Jerry Chang,