Appcelerator Arrow Joins Microsoft Azure Marketplace, Provides Simplified API Development

Deal Brings Next-gen API builder to Azure Customers, Increased Flexibility to Arrow Developers

SAN JOSE, CA—(November 19, 2015)—Appcelerator® today announced that it has teamed with Microsoft to make Appcelerator Arrow™, the company’s powerful framework for building mobile-optimized APIs, available to Microsoft Azure customers. Developers will now be able to rapidly create mobile-optimized APIs using Arrow Builder, and then seamlessly run those APIs on Azure. This relationship extends Arrow’s capabilities to the massive customer base of Azure, while allowing Arrow developers simplified access to Azure’s elastic cloud infrastructure.

“Building coherent, compelling app experiences means corralling data from a wide range of backend sources,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “Appcelerator Arrow enables developers to connect, model, transform and optimize backend data in minutes. By bringing Arrow to the Azure Marketplace, we’re extending its capabilities to a huge customer base, while in turn opening Azure’s tremendous infrastructure to Arrow developers.”

With 3,000 offerings from Microsoft Corp., and additional software providers, the Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace that enables application producers to offer their solutions to Azure customers around the world. Appcelerator’s Arrow Builder provides a powerful framework for rendering APIs from virtually any data source, and provides out-of-box connectors to a range of systems including Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server, Box, MySQL, and MongoDB.

This deal provides Arrow developers with greater flexibility, enabling APIs built in Arrow to run on Azure and integrate into an existing Microsoft stack. For the Azure community, it delivers instant access to an API builder that can mobilize data in minutes, meaning faster, richer mobile experiences for end users.

“As mobile becomes the primary channel of interaction, it’s important that organizations are armed with the right capabilities to not only create beautiful apps, but also make those apps transformative by easily connecting them to any data source,” said Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Microsoft Azure. “This relationship between Microsoft and Appcelerator allows Microsoft Azure customers to utilize the data integration power of Arrow, and opens Microsoft Azure as a new host for Arrow-built APIs. It’s a valuable complement to both our ecosystems.”

About Appcelerator

Mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. Appcelerator® helps companies of all sizes solve for this new reality with a mobile engagement platform to drive great mobile app experiences, quickly, cost-­effectively and at scale. The Appcelerator Platform speeds time to market with native cross-­platform app development & testing, simplified access to data via mobile-­optimized APIs, and comprehensive real­-time analytics to power user engagement and measure success. With 100,000+ mobile apps deployed on 300+ million devices, Appcelerator's solutions are backed by one of the world's largest mobile ecosystems, including better than 750,000 mobile developers and hundreds of ISVs and strategic partners, among them Accenture, Cognizant and CSC. For more information, visit

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