Appcelerator Enables Mobile For the “Fortune 5 Million” With Reimagined Platform

Appcelerator Arrow, New Opinionated Framework For Delivering APIs, Allows Developers to Mobilize Any Data Source in Minutes, Reducing Development Time & Improving User Experience

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – April 2, 2015 –Appcelerator® today unveiled Appcelerator Arrow™, a powerful framework for building and running mobile-optimized APIs. Appcelerator Arrow, part of the Appcelerator Platform, greatly simplifies one of the largest challenges in mobile development — connecting to and orchestrating data from a wide range of backend sources — enabling developers to build great mobile experiences faster.

The company also announced a new on-demand model for the Appcelerator Platform. The new model means that organizations of any size, from independent developers to large enterprises, can gain instant access to all the capabilities needed to build, test, connect and measure their mobile apps.

“We feel Appcelerator Arrow could be as revolutionary for mobile backend integration as Appcelerator Titanium has been for native, cross-platform app development,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “By putting Arrow together with instant access to the Platform, our aim is to help power mobile innovation everywhere it occurs — whether you’re a leader in a Fortune 500 company, or a lone developer with a great idea.”

Appcelerator Arrow: Mobilize Any Data Source In Minutes
Legacy systems of record are locked behind cumbersome, poorly documented APIs; even more recent web-based systems use pre-mobile data formats and payload sizes. Appcelerator Arrow is like a skeleton key that unlocks the many data sources needed for great apps, dramatically reducing development time while dramatically improving user experience.

Arrow provides a powerful new opinionated framework for building APIs with an elastically scalable cloud service for running them. With it, developers can quickly connect, model, transform and optimize data for any client, whether native or web.

Arrow forms the backbone of the Appcelerator Platform’s MBaaS. It consists of two primary components, Builder and Cloud. Arrow Builder represents a next-generation version of the company’s API Builder, enabling developers to rapidly assemble APIs, data models and data connectors via either visual wizard or programmatically. Arrow Cloud delivers an instant, elastically scalable cloud service for running APIs and analyzing their use, as well as full support for rich push notifications and ArrowDB, which provides a new schema-less data store.

“Great apps need great data,” said Jason Andrew, CEO of Limelight Health, which provides real-time insurance quotes for the healthcare industry. “But getting at that data is rarely simple. With Appcelerator Arrow, we were able to quickly consolidate our many services into one stable and secure RESTful endpoint for all our mobile and desktop applications. Arrow has already saved our company thousands of dollars in development costs and allowed our developers to focus on building new application features rather than backend integration.”

The Mobile Engagement Platform For the Fortune 5 Million
Today many of the largest companies in the world rely on the Appcelerator Platform for their mobile success. The company’s new tiered on-demand delivery model will open the Platform to virtually anyone, whether a part of a Fortune 500 organization, or that broader, emergent class of entrepreneurs from all walks of life who are reframing business problems through the mobile app — call it the “Fortune 5 Million.”

To complement its new on-demand model, the company is also launching Appcelerator University, a comprehensive online source of videos, tips, tutorials, Q&A, and best practices to help developers build great app experiences. Appcelerator University is available to anyone on the company’s website; customers may access it via the website or directly from the Appcelerator Platform.

The Appcelerator Platform speeds delivery of great mobile experiences with native cross-platform app development & testing, simplified access to data via mobile-optimized APIs, and comprehensive real-time mobile analytics to power user engagement and measure success. It is the first platform of its kind designed for anyone. The new on-demand model offers the flexibility of three plans, with the features and price of each designed to meet developers and companies at their level of need.

“IDC’s research clearly shows that the challenge of linking apps to different backend data sources is second only to security as the biggest challenge faced by developers,” said John Jackson, VP for Mobility Research at IDC. “Entrepreneurs, business units, and small businesses know that their ability to innovate, compete, and succeed depends on their ability to access solutions that address this challenge directly and in a way that satisfies the security concerns of IT. Solutions such as Appcelerator Arrow solve for this both technically and in a way that makes the technology massively more accessible.”

Appcelerator Arrow and on-demand access to the Appcelerator Platform are currently in public preview and will be generally available in the coming weeks. For more information – or to join the waitlist for the preview – please visit

About Appcelerator
Mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. Appcelerator® helps companies of all sizes solve for this new reality with a mobile engagement platform to drive great mobile app experiences, quickly, cost-effectively and at scale. The Appcelerator Platform speeds time to market with native cross-platform app development & testing, simplified access to data via mobile-optimized APIs, and comprehensive real-time analytics to power user engagement and measure success. With 100,000+ mobile apps deployed on 300+ million devices, Appcelerator’s solutions are backed by one of the world’s largest mobile ecosystems, including better than 700,000 mobile developers and hundreds of ISVs and strategic partners, among them Accenture, Cognizant and CSC. For more information, visit

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