Appcelerator to Integrate AT&T APIs with Titanium Development Platform

Collaboration Will Enable New Mobile Applications for Businesses and Consumers

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2012 –Appcelerator®, the leading mobile platform company, today announced a collaborative effort with AT&T to enable mobile developers to build applications powered by AT&T application programming interfaces (APIs). Appcelerator’s community of developers will now have access to a module within the Titanium platform that contains sample apps and source code to make creating apps with AT&T APIs even easier.

“AT&T shares Appcelerator’s vision to enable developers to drive innovation and make it faster and easier to bring apps to market,” said Sandeep Johri, chief operating officer for Appcelerator. “We’re excited to see how our robust developer community will apply their creativity to the AT&T APIs to enhance the mobile experience for consumers and businesses.”

The addition of AT&T APIs will further differentiate the Titanium platform, empowering Appcelerator to bring new capabilities to market faster. Developers will have access to APIs on the AT&T API Platform, including those that enable speech-to-text transcription and in-app messaging.

“AT&T is committed to increasing the velocity of innovation through openness and interoperability that ultimately puts great ideas to work for our customers quickly, seamlessly and everywhere,” said AT&T Associate Vice President of Product Marketing Management Carolyn Billings. “It’s with that goal in mind that we’ve opened up our APIs to the hundreds of thousands of developers that use Appcelerator’s Titanium platform to create exciting new applications that enhance the mobile experience for consumers and business users.”

To learn more about AT&T APIs and the new module for the Titanium platform, visit

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