Appcelerator Launches The Only Enterprise SaaS Platform Built From The Ground Up For Mobile


Enterprises Can Create, Deliver and Analyze Apps Across Mobile Devices with the Appcelerator Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – May 21, 2013 – Appcelerator® today launched the Appcelerator Platform, a comprehensive mobile enterprise platform that enables businesses to create, deliver and analyze their entire mobile application portfolio. The Appcelerator Platform empowers enterprises to accelerate their time to market, deliver superior mobile experiences, reduce costs, and manage risk.

One example of a leading company that is driving greater business efficiencies through mobile with the Appcelerator Platform is Safeguard Properties. Launched in mid-2012, Safeguard’s INSPI Mobile app takes property inspections fully mobile. Using INSPI Mobile, property inspectors receive orders, complete surveys and upload photos within the app, in the field, rather than collating notes and pictures at the end of the day in an administrative office using a PC. By leveraging the Appcelerator Platform to build the app for both the Android and iOS platforms, inspections are now submitted more timely and what used to take inspectors up to 10 to 20 minutes with multiple people involved in the process, now takes less than five minutes per inspection.

“Safeguard has a never-ending goal of finding innovative ways to leverage technology to drive improvements in quality, customer service levels and business efficiencies,” states George Mehok, CIO of Safeguard Properties. “Re-engineering critical business processes through a mobile lens is a key differentiator for Safeguard as we strive to better serve our clients. To deliver the highest quality mobile applications, we develop all of Safeguard’s mobile initiatives on the Appcelerator Platform.”

Another leading company that is advancing its mobility strategy with the Appcelerator Platform is Bracket, a Specialty Services provider dedicated to helping pharmaceutical sponsors and contract research organizations achieve greater certainty and accurate outcomes in their clinical trials by seamlessly leveraging science, technology and operational excellence. “Product innovation has always been a competitive differentiator for us,” said Rusty Bealer, executive director of product innovation at Bracket. “The Appcelerator Platform will arm us with the visibility and agility to build, deliver and manage business critical mobile apps that improve communication for investigators and sponsors during clinical trials.”

“Mobile offers businesses massive opportunities to transform customer relationships and gain competitive advantage,” states Jeff Haynie, Appcelerator CEO. “Appcelerator solutions provide a safe, proven choice for enterprises trusted by thousands of companies and over 450,000 mobile developers. The Appcelerator Platform was built from the ground-up for the needs of the new mobile world to enable businesses to create, deliver, and analyze exceptional mobile experiences across their entire mobile portfolio.”

The Appcelerator Platform leverages a large ecosystem of over 450,000 mobile developers, ISVs and SIs, which extend the power of the platform with services, modules and integrations including Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM) and other functionality.


Developers and designers can create amazing native apps 60% faster than traditional methods, create prototypes in days vs. months, and leverage 100% of the prototype code in the final app.

  • Appcelerator Studio: powered by Appcelerator Titanium, allows the creation of native apps across the widest range of devices and operating systems (e.g., iOS, Android, BlackBerry, mobile web and more).
  • Appcelerator Alloy: allows web designers to use XML for layout and a simple CSS-like syntax for styling while developers can focus on building reusable widgets and components in JavaScript.

Mobile developers can connect to data anywhere, eliminate requirements for additional infrastructure, leverage 20,000+ node modules, and integrate backend services with just a few lines of code.

  • Appcelerator Cloud pre-built services: provide developers with the widest set of scalable mobile services. This includes push notifications, photos, social connections, authorization and more. Our Cloud unifies the development environment for connecting apps to the mobile cloud.
  • Appcelerator Cloud custom services: enable data integration with back end systems. Using our Node.js offering, developers can quickly and easily create mobile-optimized APIs that orchestrate data from multiple data sources such as SAP,, Oracle, SharePoint and others.

Developers & quality professionals can release apps faster to improve quality and reduce test time by 90%, increase test coverage by testing all devices and operating systems, and test continuously by running 1000’s of automated tests with fewer resources.

  • Developer testing: is included within Appcelerator Studio and delivers on-device debugging, ‘live’ editing of the UI/UX and a profiler to identify memory leaks and performance issues.
  • Appcelerator Test: delivers integrated functional test automation to ensure your mobile applications are released with the highest levels of quality and stability. No jail breaking is required.

Entire mobile teams, including business executives and analysts, can now gain visibility into usage trends and performance to continuously improve their applications and reduce time to resolution.

  • Appcelerator Analytics: provides deep insight and visibility into user adoption, engagement and retention for your mobile apps.
  • Appcelerator Performance Management: captures data in real-time to provide actionable information about problems in your applications, including exceptions, app crashes, memory and CPU use at the time of the event.


  • Appcelerator Marketplace: is open and integrated with Appcelerator Studio and provides over 370 third-party modules. The Appcelerator Marketplace continuously extends the platform through a vibrant community of over 450,000 developers, ISVs and partners to keep pace with fast evolving technologies.


  • 450,000+ Mobile Developers: are available through Appcelerator’s worldwide developer network for enterprises that require individual resources in-house to augment their teams. 100+ integration partners: that are trained and certified to develop mobile applications on the Appcelerator Platform.
  • Best-in-breed Global SIs: can be leveraged by partners such as CSC, Cognizant, Wipro and others who have the ability to deliver the high impact mobile services on time and on budget.

Join Appcelerator’s live announcement broadcast including product demos on Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 9 am PST/ 12 noon EST, live from Mountain View, CA. Sign up at:

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Appcelerator® offers the only platform built for a Mobile First world. The Appcelerator Platform enables enterprises to create, deliver and analyze their entire mobile application portfolio. With more than 50,000 mobile applications deployed on over 130 million devices, the Appcelerator Platform helps enterprises accelerate their time to market and deliver exceptional mobile user experiences. Appcelerator also provides an award-winning open source mobile development environment, Titanium®. Appcelerator’s worldwide ecosystem includes 450,000 mobile developers and hundreds of ISVs and strategic partners, including SAP, Cognizant and Wipro. It is the mobile platform of choice for thousands of companies including eBay, Merck, Mitsubishi Electric, NBC, PayPal and Ray-Ban. For more information, visit

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