Appcelerator Provides Mobile Competitive Advantage for

Appcelerator Platform accelerates delivery times, offers high-performing native apps and increases operational efficiencies for leading online real estate destination

Mountain View, CA – February 24, 2014 – Appcelerator, a leading mobile enterprise platform company, partners with, a leading online real estate destination and a division of Dominion Enterprises, to offer a competitive advantage with its mobility solutions. After releasing a variety of successful native cross-platform mobile apps, has transformed into a truly mobile-first organization.

With the Appcelerator Platform, has been able to:

  • Increase the number and quality of business leads to attract new audiences
  • Gain successful mobile user adoption, with some apps reaching the Top 15 in the app store ‘Lifestyle’ category
  • Accelerate time to market of new apps, with unmatched performance and responsiveness

“In our business, it’s all about providing home buyers, renters and real estate professionals with easy access to real-time property information along with the best possible user experience on their mobile devices,” said Dan Gaertner, vice president of technology for

“The Appcelerator Platform enables us to gain a significant competitive advantage with mobility on multiple fronts. We can create high-quality apps more quickly, allowing us to achieve more with fewer internal resources. Additionally, we’re able to gain valuable insight into user behavior with mobile analytics.” views mobility as a critical opportunity to innovate and deliver transformative experiences to its users. As such, the company sought a mobile enterprise platform that included the following key requirements:

  • Single integrated platform that covered all aspects of the mobile lifecycle
  • Ability to leverage the JavaScript skillsets of their internal web developers
  • Ability to deliver native cross-platform apps with the highest speed and performance
  • Ability to build reusable assets such as UI widgets to accelerate delivery times for new apps across brands and geographies
  • An elastically scaling enterprise-grade MBaaS to manage large amounts of real estate data, that can notify users via push notification when they approach properties matching their search criteria
  • Automated regression testing integrated into the build process to execute test suites across 30 different mobile device types saving one to two weeks per QA cycle
  • Reporting and analytics to obtain visibility into the user experience to make continuous improvements such as feature enhancements and new innovations

“The most innovative enterprises have realized that they must not only deliver great apps that run on a range of devices, but also connect to an exploding set of backend data, while also finding the right way to measure the success of their mobile portfolios,” said Jeff Haynie, CEO of Appcelerator. “We are honored that has chosen the Appcelerator Platform to solve for this new mobile reality and to delight their users with transformative mobile experiences.”

View a video of Dan Gaertner discussing the benefits that has seen by using the Appcelerator Platform.

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About Appcelerator
Mobile apps are fast replacing web applications as the way we buy, share, search, learn and collaborate. Appcelerator® helps companies solve for this new mobile reality: delivering native cross-platform apps at the speed of web, mobilizing any data source, and driving success with real-time analytics – all from an open, cloud- based platform. With the Appcelerator Platform, companies can eliminate point tools to scale mobile across the enterprise, drive innovation by unlocking backend data sources for new app capabilities, and measure the overall usage and success of the entire mobile app portfolio. Appcelerator also provides an award-winning open source mobile development environment, Titanium™. With over 65,000 mobile apps deployed on over 200 million devices, Appcelerator’s solutions are backed by the world’s largest mobile ecosystem, including more than 550,000 mobile developers and hundreds of ISVs and strategic partners, among them Accenture, Cognizant and CSC. More than 70% of Fortune 100 enterprises count on Appcelerator for their mobile success. To learn more, visit

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