Appcelerator and IDC Release Q3 2014 Mobile Trends Report

Appcelerator and IDC Release Q3 2014 Mobile Trends Report
Findings Show Developers and IT Decision Makers Disconnect On Key Issues, Importance of Data Grows and Wearables Heading to the Workplace

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – October 28, 2014 – Today Appcelerator, provider of the leading enterprise mobile engagement platform, announced the release of the Q3 2014 Mobile Trends Report in partnership with IDC. The report is the latest in an ongoing analysis of mobile trends, and this year features the views of 121 IT decision makers and 8,010 mobile developers, the largest body ever surveyed.

A set of shared questions allowed for a direct comparison of the groups’ thinking in key areas. The results suggest a disconnect – sometimes dramatic – between management ideas and developer reality.

A full version of the report is available at

Among the report’s key findings:

  • Who owns mobile? It depends on who you ask: 66.9% of IT decision makers feel that IT is the primary driver in setting the organization’s mobile agenda, while developers say the lines of business are in control over IT by 49.7% to 34.6%.
  • Developers go their own way on mobile tools: 39.6% of IT decision makers say they provide the mobile tools developers need, while a mere 17.9% of developers agreed.
  • Mobile maturity is in the eye of the beholder: 65.3% of IT decision makers report their organizations to be either “leading edge” or “somewhat ahead” when comparing their mobile maturity to the competition, while only 34.6% of developers say their organizations are leading or ahead.
  • IT decision makers are bullish on HTML5; developers aren’t: In one of the more startling separations, 70.6% of IT decisions makers who’ve implemented HTML5 report a positive experience with the standard. Among developers, that figure plummets to 37.2%.
  • Finding the right skills remains the chief difficulty to mobile: One place decision makers and developers agree: finding skilled mobile developers stands as the top challenge to timely app releases, with 33.3% of developers and 41.3% of decision makers ranking as the number one difficulty.

“The responses we saw from both the developers and IT decision makers highlight the disconnect that these groups experience as they build out mobile strategies,” said Brad Hipps, vice president of marketing, Appcelerator. “The key to success over the next year and beyond will be an effort from both parties to come together to embrace the challenges of our new mobile economy and to work together to build solutions that satisfy user demands and expectations.”

Other findings in the report indicate an awakening among decision makers to other, previously peripheral areas of mobility. Most notably, developers and IT leaders both see the imperative of data access in delivering transformative mobile experiences, with 90% of developers and 87% of IT decision makers reporting that it was “likely” or “very likely” that connecting mobile apps to both public and enterprise data sources would become the norm.

And though the survey closed just before the announcement of the Apple Watch in early September, still a majority of IT leaders agreed the age of wearables is upon us. The report shows optimism about the role of wearables in the enterprise, suggesting an appreciation that mobile is no longer just about phones and tablets.

“We’ve seen a fundamental shift in the way IT designs mobile for user consumption,” said John Jackson, research vice president, Mobile & Connected Platforms, IDC. “Businesses initially focused on optimizing mobile for maximum stability, security and availability. These things are still essential, but the mobile digital shift has changed the contract between IT and users. The new contract is about the user experience and creating an agile workflow to deliver apps that blow people away. Sounds good, but there’s a catch. The alarming number of organizations that are taking on an agenda without IT’s participation is also a cautionary tale for businesses looking to embrace mobile strategies.”

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